Install JohnCMS in Your Host

Confuse while installing JohnCMS in your host?,
Here are some steps and requirement:

1) version of PHP is not lower than 5.1
2) MySQL 4.1 or later version
3) Support. Htaccess

1) At the first, download script JohnCMS, usually in archive (zip). You can get here for rusian, and here for english or indonesian.
2) Upload or import this archive to your host via FTP.
3) Extract the archive.
4) Fill all the unpacked files to the hosting service .
5) expose a permissions 777:
/ Cache
/ Files / avatar
/ Files / photo
/ Incfiles
/ Gallery / foto
/ Gallery / temp
/ Library / files /
/ Library / temp /
/ Pratt /
/ Forum / files /
/ Forum / temtemp /
/ Download / arctemp /
/ Download / files /
/ Download / graftemp /
/ Download / screen /
/ Download/mp3temp /
/ Download / upl /
6) put the permissions 666:
/ Library / java / textfile.txt
/ Library / java / META-INF / MANIFEST.MF
7) Run the installer at
8) Start the test.
If some items highlighted in red, the normal work
system is not guaranteed. Most problems arise when the wrong
PHP settings for your hosting, or because of too strong restrictions.
For example, some hosting does not work. Htaccess
If the test is normal, click the link “Continue”
9) Introduce the parameters of your MySQL database
Note that when specifying a server address, MySQL, then on
some hosting this can be “localhost”, while others need
specify the full address, such as “”
After click the link “Continue”
August) enters data with Administrator and click the link “Continue”
10) If everything was entered correctly, then run the installation procedure
Database MySQL, after which the installation is complete.

If the installation procedure was successful and the site works,
DO NOT FORGET the following:
– Remove the directory / install
– Set permissions to the folder 755 / incfiles
– Set the permissions 644 on file / incfiles / db.php

Ok, I hope this usefull.


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